Saturday, October 30, 2010

a Bzzzzzzy day

This morning Kirkobeeo (twitter name) was here to take care of our bees in the shed. A sympathetic no nonsense kind o'guy who's ideas about human & nature sound very similar to ours. We put on our protective clothing and got going! A little bit of smoke underneath the floor. We had prepared most of the cutting of the floor ahead of time. Lifting the floor we found the combs hanging off the removed part of the floor, almost directly behind the ventilation hole that they used as entrance/exit. Wonderful to see :) M was at a safe distance (no suit), taking pictures with a telelens ;-)

Just opened floor panelcutoff combs in framescooping up the bees (D left, Kirk right)more bee scoopingsome resting

The rest of the day we had the doors of the shed open. About 6:30 pm we moved the beehive outside, right next to their old entrance/exit. That part was easy since all the bees were resting, barely anything was moving (we did look inside and they were still there !) We covered the holes of the base of the shed. When we remembered/understand Kirk remarks, we should keep the hive at this spot for at least 2 weeks. Then we are free to move it "anywhere".

After Kirk left, activity focussed on the vegetable garden again. This is the right time to plant (among others) onions, garlic & lettuce. Yesterday 2 rows of red onions and 1 row of spanish red garlic was planted. Today we finished the garlic with 3 elephant cloves. We finally planted our homegrown (from seed) head lettuce (17 plants). Then we moved the pepermint plant to our greenhouse, followed by our evergreen strawberry. We then realized that strawberries need pollination to produce fruit. We will have to move it outside again ;-)

While moving the plants and supplies we had the opportunity to have a closeup view with a black widow spider. I used my bare hands to move everything and M started talk about spiders hiding in cavities. And surely, when i took the pots apart we found one of these "beauties" with its specific marking on her belly:
A red hourglass on her abdomen. M went into the house to get her camera (she is a little bit nutty sometimes).

red hourglassan American dime for size comparison

Since chicken tend to try and eat all kinds of bugs, i killed this one. I don't intend to lose a chicken over a spider.

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