Saturday, November 6, 2010

Hives checking with Kirkobeeo

Today I joined Kirk Anderson from backward beekeepers on a check run on 4 of his hives. I got first hand experience since he allowed me to do a lot of the physical inspections. He is a great entertainer and told me exactly what to look for and how to figure things out.
kirk at the hill next to the beehive
placing a spacer to fit the feederbag with sugerwater

The last stop was at a hive that Kirk had inspected a few days earlier and he didn't find a queen in the hive. When he checked it this time he saw 2 "queen cells" (sorry no photo).
Kirk even spotted the queen but she was gone before i could see her. She buried herself between the worker bees.
It was a wonderful day: had a lot of healthy laughs, learned a lot.

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  1. Kirk is awesome. I had him come and inspect my single hive to make sure I was doing everything right. I'm new to this bee thing. I think I learned more in that 30 minutes than I did reading two books about beekeeping!