Friday, December 17, 2010

tagging along with kirkobeeo and maurice

This morning i had another opportunity to tag along with kirkobeeo and maurice to rescue some bees.

[click on the pictures for a larger version]

inspect what is up there

Then a NUC box was taken up and the swarm was put in

The comb was cut and tied into the frames with kite string.

a spacer was taped on top

pollen and honey was added

We then drove to eagle rock.
Bees need to be removed with a so called "trap out".
They can leave the hive but not return.


clearly a lot of work had already been done on this project. the area was cleaned

2 one way traps were installed

A small hole was made in the nuc box and was put just a few inches from the one-way traps.

That was it.
Kirkobeeo will return frequently to monitor the progress.

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