Wednesday, February 16, 2011

bee cutout in northridge

On the 6th of Februari I joined Maurice, Vincent and Dawn for a cutout in Northridge.

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Maurice, Dawn, Vincent, me

Vincent preparing to get to work

go easy from here on

cutting the wires from the stucco

comb was sticking out, so a larger area had to be opened up.

cut the wood with the reciprocal saw

finally down to the cutout of the comb

comb tied up in the frames

too many bees had crawled down and we were not able to vacuum them up.
We decided to leave a frame with "left over comb" and attached it to a nail for the bees to re-group on.

2 days later i went back early in the morning, sprayed them with sugar water, and scooped the rest up.

mission accomplished

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